Lismore Engineering has manufactured a custom-built harvester to adapt and fit Toro mowing machines.

Lismore Engineering has used advanced drawing and design technologies to manufacture this harvester to company standards.

Lismore Engineering’s engineering and design department have used 3D drawing and modelling design technologies to make this harvester as strong and durable as possible and also as light as possible.

The 3D design has ensured that this machine is manufactured to meet infield demands but also ensuring the longevity of your Toro mowing machine.

These machines are the ideal machine for smaller growers or larger growers wanting a machine for smaller areas or simply as a backup machine.

Toro harvester and mower combinations are great for growers or contractors that need to transport these harvesters on a regular basis as these packages will fit on most trailers and some tray back utes.

Lismore Engineering design and engineering department have designed these harvesters using the commonly used “small” sized wheel packs and have adapted a “double ejector” finger to these armsets to allow for minimal wheel block ups and reversibility.

Toro harvesters have an independent pump and hydraulic system operated from the Toro power source off the same belt drive pulley that would commonly operate the mower deck.

Key harvester benefits:
• Light and nimble
• Easy access and egress on and off the mower
• Double ejector fingers
• Hydraulic tipping bin
• Independent hydraulic pump system
• Lightweight sweeper with adjustable speed settings
• Easy to operate for most levels of operation
• Great to transport
• Very cost-effective


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