Lismore Engineering has been manufacturing elevators and conveyors for over 30 years.

Elevators and conveyors are a product made in a kit form bolt together onsite or in a house and come in various lengths and widths.
Lengths and widths come in the following configuration:

1.500mm long
2.1000mm long
3.2000mm long
4.3000mm long
1.200mm wide
2.300mm wide
3.400mm wide
4.500mm wide

Lismore Engineering’s new kit elevator and conveyor systems are great and easy to assemble onsite, easy to freight and easy to work with.

Elevators and conveyors have laser-cut flanges every 500mm which allows the customer to have multiple mounts and standpoints.

Elevator and conveyor drive and idler ends are also made in a kit/product from and bolt onto trough sections.

Lismore Engineering can supply electric motors and gearboxes to suit your requirements upon demand.
Elevators and conveyors have heavy-duty drive and idler rollers that are manufactured to suit the required widths and are available in either pipe or bar roller options.

Lismore Engineering’s engineering and design department can design your plant to suit your needs and throughout. System conveyors and elevators are designed utilising the latest in drawing and design technologies and this allows us to design your system with the correct elevator/conveyor widths and correct motor/gearbox ratios.

Elevators and conveyors made in a kit “bolt together” format can be added to or shortened with ease at any time if required.

Lismore Engineering supply belting supplies, motors, gearboxes, VSD drives at all times.

Elevator and conveyor trough sections, idler and drive sections can be either sandblasted and painted or hot-dip galvanised.


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