Admac de-husking trailers are extremely useful for nut and field storage and de-husking purposes. These trailers feature 3 cubic metre capacity and upwards and are P.T.O hydraulically pump-driven.

A dehusking trailer is ideal to increase field handling capacity and shed operations.

Dehusking trailers are also ideal for growers using the skip system and outsourcing their de-husking as they can keep a majority of the husk for compost and this also allows growers to fit a lot more nut in the skips and lowers de-husking fees.

Key benefits and features:
• Fully sandblasted and painted
• Heavy-duty laser cut constructions
• 3 cubic metre NIH capacity and upwards
• Heavy-duty 10-inch Admac de-husker
• 1 – 2 Admac options pending throughput requirements
• Easy to operate and use
• Floor auger feeding Admac de-husker
• Easy to service and maintain
• Growers keep husk and compost matter
• Handle for extra in-field storage
• Easy to connect to tractor
• P.T.O driven pump and hydraulic fork mounted on trailer tank mounted on the trailer
• Fast throughput and empty times
• Easy to transport, towable behind tractor or vehicle
• Single or dual wheeled options


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