Lismore Engineering manufacture custom harvesters to suit out front mowers that have a wide range of benefits including light ground weight, easy to operate, easy to get on and off etc.

These machines are easily mounted to the mower usually via two front pins to hold the head on and a PTO shaft to run the hydraulic pump.

These machines have a rear tipping bin mounted over the bonnet with an approx. capacity of 150 – 200kgs NIS.

Rear tipping bins are hydraulically tipped and are plumbed into the power sources hydraulic system therefore when the harvester head is removed the rear tipping bin and bin chassis can stay on the machine whilst you use the power source as a mower.

Approximate and estimated harvester connect and disconnect time is 30 minutes.

Key benefits with these machines:
•Cost-effective and affordable
•Quick connect and disconnect times
•Small and nimble
•Ideal for ease of transporting
•Medium-sized wheel packs
•Double ejector fingers
•PTO shaft drove hydraulic pump and tank system
•PTO pump mounted to the harvester head
•Two size sweeper options (small and medium heads)
•Capable to run a hydraulic Admac dehusking system
•Great operator visibility of harvester head and sweeper viewing
•Ease of access and egress on and off the machine


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