Lismore Engineering manufactures finishing mowers that are 3D engineered and designed, and are manufactured from laser cut plate and RHS materials.

Our finishing mowers are a great option for mowing from small to large scale operations. Tow mowers are easy to operate and have a large coverage area compared to a normal zero turn mower.

Finishing Mowers are a safe and healthy option for the owner-operator or employees when in conjunction with a cabbed tractor as the operator is out of dust and away from outside hazards.

3D design and laser cut build to ensure product uniformity and consistency. The pivoting deck is perfect for formed or mounted orchard enforcements allowing the mower to follow the ground in operation.

Finishing mowers give a quality result to large grassed areas such as paddocks, fields, estate areas and home lawns and are a good alternative to ride-on mowers. These mowers are best used on areas that are cleared and free of dense materials and tall grasses. These mowers are easy to fit to the rear of your tractor and safely operate as required.

Features and benefits

  • Heavy-duty gearbox driven blades
  • Hot-dip galvanised or painted
  • Fully Laser cut construction
  • Bisalloy cutting blade discs
  • Fully adjustable wheel heights in 5mm increments
  • Pivoting deck for even ground travel and cut
  • Easy to secure and maintain
  • P.T.O driven only requiring 70Hp to operate
  • Mower offset for better orchard management
  • Optional hydraulic pivoting drawbar for extra offset
  • Heavy-duty wheels 8 ply tyres
  • Easy to change and service blades
  • 3PTL or drawbar towing options

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For more information on our finishing mowers, contact the team at Lismore Engineering or visit us at our factory in South Lismore.


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