Lismore Engineering manufactures a wide range of “in shed” bunker silos from 1 – 20-tone capacity.

These silos are manufactured in a kit design form and are easy to assemble onsite, easy to transport and are cost-effective.

Lismore Engineering’s engineering and design team can design these silos to fit into specific locations and commonly silos are designed in 500mm wide panel increments and up to 3000mm high.

Kit silos are laser cut and CNC folded to ensure every panel is correct and a perfect fit up.

By folding each panel section this ensures the silos are extremely strong, not to mention easy to assemble.

These silos are extremely efficient in terms of drying times and capacity. Bunker silos blow from the bottom upwards through the nut and out the top as the bunker silos have no roof allowing efficient air escape.

These silos can be single or three-phase and as an example, a bunker silo 3.5 x 3.5 x 3mtrs high holds approx. 10 – 12 tonne NIS.

Lismore Engineering can also adapt and fit an automatic drying system to your bunker silos to then be able to dry down to a level suitable for shipping. These systems are operated through a PLC system and can be operated from a panel on or near your silos or on a mobile phone or used manually.


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