Since 2010, we’ve proudly manufactured the best macadamia nut farming equipment to farmers in NSW and QLD, as well as providing premium engineering products and services in Lismore. Our team of specialists excel in delivering cost-effective solutions and building materials to suit all of your needs.

We’re dedicated to manufacturing high-quality equipment that meets the demands of an Australian farming business. We also offer reliable repair and maintenance services for these machines.

From our workshop in Lismore, we supply macadamia farming equipment to both local and interstate businesses, including Mackay, Alstonville, Bundaberg, Gympie and other macadamia regions across NSW and QLD.

Our Macadamia Farming Services

We’ve spent years in the macadamia farming industry. We know exactly what farmers need to increase productivity and make the entire process easier and more cost-efficient. We offer:

  •       Macadamia Nut Farming Equipment Supply And Repair
  •       Processing Equipment
  •       Used Macadamia Farm Machinery

Leaders In Engineering Excellence

At Lismore Engineering, we’re a one-stop-shop for all of your engineering needs. We expertly design and build our products using the best materials available and can customise each piece to suit your requirements across all industries.

We can provide a wide range of engineering and related services, including:

  •       Laser cutting
  •       Sandblasting
  •       Powder coating
  •       Sheet metal fabrication
  •       Painting
  •       Injection moulding
  •       Turret punching
  •       Hydraulics

Our Company Values

Custom-Built Solutions

We manufacture custom-built solutions for every client. We build machines and parts to fit your specific needs and industry. Whether it’s a small or large-scale project, we’ve got you covered.

High-Quality Products and Services

We use superior materials to create superior products. Our farming equipment is designed to be easy to use, high-performance, light-weight and durable to withstand heavy-duty use. Our engineering products are crafted with an emphasis on quality, safety and design – all at a cost you can afford.

We’re so confident you’ll love our products, we offer workmanship guaranteed on all of our jobs!

Certified Specialists

Our team of engineering specialists are fully qualified and certified to manufacture, repair and maintain machinery in compliance with Australian standards to ensure all equipment is safe to use in the workplace. With over 10 years’ experience, we’re able to handle any project you’ve got for us.

Latest Equipment

We keep on top of our industry so we’re able to give our customers the support and services they need. We use the latest highly advanced digital technologies and methods in the industry to design and manufacture our machines and deliver results that meet and exceed expectations.

Outstanding Customer Service

We’re committed to providing outstanding customer service with a friendly and approachable team who are always happy to help. Whether you need a job done in a hurry or some expert advice and support, we’re here for all of your macadamia farming and engineering needs.

Customised Solutions For Every Project

Lismore Engineering is your number one choice when it comes to the supply, repair and maintenance of macadamia farming equipment and engineering services. Call our team today to learn more about our products and services and how they can help your business.