Powder coating action
Powder coating of metal

Lismore Engineering provides professional Powder Coating services for your next project or maintenance needs.

What Is Powder Coating?

Powder Coating is a dry finishing process that provides a durable surface that protects equipment and structures. Its appearance is that of a painted finish that is far more long-lasting than traditional paint products.

The finishing is designed to withstand regular usage and weather conditions, heat and rain. The finishings can be applied in different colours and textures as required.

How Is Powder Coating Done?

The coating is made up of a polymer resin-based substance that is combined with curatives, pigments, levelling agents, flow modifiers and other agents.

The product is melted and mixed then cooled and ground into a uniform powder. To apply the product, we use an electrostatic spray deposition (ESD) process to spray the product onto the metal surfaces with a spray gun.

Once the product has been fully applied to the surface, we move the parts into a curing oven where the heat reaction makes the product chemically react to make long molecular chains, resulting in a strong cross-linked density.

These chains within the finish are very resistant to breakdown, providing a strong protective finish. Parts can also be dipped into a hopper that contains fluidising powder and the coating melts. This is an alternative way of applying the product, dependent upon the piece requiring processing.


We Coat a range of equipment pieces and metal items. This protects the equipment and other items from moisture, UV light, extreme weather conditions, corrosion, fading and general wear and tear.

This helps prolong the lifespan of your equipment and farming structures and reduces repair costs over time.

This will also assist when you need to sell the equipment in good condition and working order.

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