Injection Moulding machine
Injection moulding

At Lismore Engineering, we can provide professional Injection Moulding services.

This includes injection moulding of agricultural components for macadamia harvesting equipment and harvesting machines.

We manufacture all parts and components on-site for new equipment and repairs on farming and processing equipment. We have a capacity of up to 560 tonne.

What is Injection Moulding?

Injection moulding is a manufacturing process that involves injecting molten material into a mould to create the piece.

This can include metal die-casting and thermosetting polymers. The material forms a shape, detailed or solid in the mould cavity. The material later hardens to form the required piece per the design specifications.

Engineers may be required to finish the piece to ensure accuracy and the precision-machined form of the newly created part. As mentioned, this can include mechanical parts, gears, panels, bolts, nuts and more.

How does injection moulding work?

Material granules for the part are fed into a hopper and into a heated barrel, melted using heater bands and the frictional action of a reciprocating screw barrel.

The plastic material is then injected through a nozzle into the mould cavity where it cools and then hardens to the shape configuration of the cavity. The mould tool is mounted on a moveable platen – when the part has solidified, the platen opens and the part is ejected out using ejector pins.

Parts to be injection moulded are carefully designed to undertake the moulding process. This includes the material to be used for the part, the desired shape, features, configuration of the part, the material used for the mould, and the properties of the moulding machine used must be taken into consideration.

The process allows for products or parts to be produced on mass in an efficient and cost-saving manner.

History of injection moulding

This process has a long history in manufacturing dating back to 1872. American inventor John Wesly Hyatt with his brother Isaiah created the first machine.

During World War 2, new processes and materials were designed to manufacture items for wartime use at speed. Improvements to machines have been developed over time with greater accuracy and precision.

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